News: Survey Reflection

Survey Reflection

Why we did the survey?

We did the surveys to find out how much people know about their rights, the government, the amendments, and the Constitution in different areas. We passed out surveys to many people of different age, gender, zip code, highest level of education, and ethnicity. We also wanted their opinion on what they know about the government. We also surveyed the highest level of education to find out how much people know from their education.


High School students were correct about how many amendments there were than college students. The results were surprising and shocking because mainly college students are more educated and know more about government/politics. 

High School students believe that students are educated enough in schools about their rights. College students do not believe that students are educated enough.

High Schools students feel like they know enough about their rights and the results prove that they do know more than college students. College students feel as though they do not know enough about their rights and they did get some questions wrong, which was pretty shocking because college students are more educated. 


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Is interesting to know what other people knew about their rights and the survey reflection shows that people have to be more educated in order to know more about hteir rights.

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