How To: Register to Vote

Register to Vote


Citizen of the United States

18 years of age or older

Are not in prison or on parole for a felony conviction


Where to register:

Register in person by visiting a local office

Request a voter registration form by phone

By mail

Download a voter registration form in the following link:


How to verify your voter registration status:

Check your voter registration status online

L.A. County residents may verify voter registration status by using the online feature

Check your registration status by phone

(562) 466-1310 or (562) 466-1323

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Thank you for the insightful information. We need to speak up and make sure everyone votes for the betterment of our country. I will take a stand and I will register to vote. You made your country proud.

Sergio, have you already registered? If you haven't yet, I know a friend who will be more than happy to provide you with a voter registration form!

This is really helpful for those who are seeking help to register, I have always wondered how to register to vote and by following this simple steps I will finally know how to register but I'm not 18 yet, although this would be helpful in the future when I want to register to vote.Thanks...

Oh, Thanks for posting this. I was so confused about registering for voting. I was told that I could be 17 1/2 to vote. Then I was told I had to be 18. Thanks for clearing this up.

Oh this is very informational, I know have one question is it better to register online or in person?
I think this post is very useful because i do not know how to register I was planning on getting willie my brother to do it for me.

thanks this was a very useful information, this is my first year to vote so i didn't know how to start or where to go but this is really going to help me .... now i will plan to register to vote

thanks this was a very useful information, this is my first year to vote so i didn't know how to start or where to go but this is really going to help me .... now i will plan to register to vote

I wish I were able to vote, that's why everyone who can vote should register and take the opportunity some of us can't take

This is awesome beacuse I get to be more motivated to vote when I turn 18 because is very specific and not difficult because you expalined with very specific details to register.

I knew people in the United States should be voting but now that i'm 18 year old,I didn't know where to begin but with this information, now I know what is my next step. So thank you guys.

Now, the next question is: Why should I bother to vote in the first place??

Richard, there are many ways in which one can take part of the government's decisions, voting is the easiest, yet the hardest one. You, unlike many of us, are able to influence how this country is run. Voting is your opportunity to choose who and what is done in your community, city, state, and country, please if you don't do it for you, do it for us who are unable to vote on what we think will actually make a difference.

"If all the skies were paper . . . " My personal history is unimportant, but I have intimate knowledge of how very important political decisions are often made. I have no influence, my vote means nothing except perhaps on a purely local level. My comment was made basically for its snark value but it is true nonetheless. Voting is a spectator sport, rather like watching wrestling on television.

This is very helpful information. People do not know that voting is important that is why this information is helpful because it shows people that voting is important and the requirements are not so much. It is great that there is the website where people can go and register to vote. I am glad that I am 18 already so that I can register to vote.

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