News: California Education Laws

California Education Laws

Education Laws:

Compulsory Education Law

        Public schools are a relatively new idea in the West having originated around the nineteenth century. Up until that time educating children was either up to the parents of the child or the family's community to hire a teacher and educate their kids. But today the government plays a personal role in the education of our nation's children. Which is why the compulsory education law requires that all children between the ages of seven and sixteen be enrolled in a public school or other learning center.

Corporal Punishment in Public School

        In 1977 the U.S. Supreme Court gave public schools the right to physically discipline students. But to today local school districts and even some schools that are run by themselves have their own means of disciplinary action. Today there are still twenty-five states that allow physical disciplinary action of students but some require parental consent.

Prayer in Public Schools:

        The U.S. Supreme Court ruled prayer in Public Schools unconstitutional in 1962. In the U.S. there are 29 states that have enacted laws that pretty much enable prayer. They set up laws that allow in classes a few minutes for children to "meditate" or "pray". Those who support prayer in school state that the low scores and what is wrong in public school began when they outlawed prayer in schools.

Privacy of School Records

        There has been constant argument whether parents and students should be allowed to see the students records, teachers and administrators say no because the people might not like what they see. FERPA is a law that was passed in 1976 that allows parents access to their children's records, but still allows teachers and administrators privacy in their comments.

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