News: Three Branches of Government

Three Branches of Government

Qualifications and Powers

I.              Executive (President)

o   Native born (in USA)

o   35 years old

o   Resident for 14 years


o   Enforce laws (legislative leads)

o   Foreign Policy

o   Appoint Supreme Court Justices

o   Grant reprieves and pardons

o   Commander in Chief (armed forces)

    -> Sends military to foreign countries

II.           Judicial (Supreme Court)

o   President nominates them

o   Judge (law degree)

o   Must be confirmed by Congress

o   Determine if a law upholds the Constitution

o   Decision is FINAL

III.         Congress (House of Representatives)

o   2 years serving

o   25 years old

o   Citizen for at least 7 years

o   Legal resident of your state

o   Impeach public officials

o   Choose a president if Electoral College does not

o   Finance government (taxes, fines, ect.)

o   Regulate and encourage trade (business)

o   Declare war

o   Create lower courts

o   Provide growth

IV.         Senate:

o   6 years serving

o   30 years old

o   Citizens for at least 9 years

o   Legal resident of your state


o   Hold the impeachment trials

o   Choose VP if Electoral College does not

o   Approve high officials

o   Treaties with foreign nations (agreement)

o   Finance government (taxes, fines, ect.)

o   Regulate and encourage trade (business)

o   Declare war

o   Create lower courts

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I never knew what each branches had what power. Thank you for the insightful information.

This really does explain the separation of powers, and how people always think that the president has a lot of power in the government but this sets it into place

You should move the words a little more to the center, because it looks a little weird. But this information is very basic and to the point, I learned something new today! :D Now we know that who the qualifications of whomever is in office.

I love this because its so simplified into easy readable points about all branches, than you so much, this is going to help me in my project!

I didn't have a clue on what the requirements were for someone to be president. This clarifies the whole thing!

Now it makes sence on what each power of branches focuses on and what it requires, and how us the people can understand clearly.

I know the three branches can be difficult to understand and what are their power but today you guys made it look easier to learn them. It has a lot of interesting facts that i didn't know in the pass but now i do. I like this topic. Thanks

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