News: Find you local Representative

Find you local Representative

Why Should I care?

You should care since the decision they make are based on what us the people want. So if you do not want make your voice or opinion heard you will not get what you want. So as a result will ether mean you will benefit or hate the result?

How can I contact them?


This link allows you to find you're represented with just your area code or zip code. So one your find him or her just pick up the phone and tell them your opinion and why they should make the changes you want them to change. Is a great idea if you also let your friends and family to call and also make their voice be heard as well? This is a great way to show your reps that you care about your community.


·         For starters  you can pick your community reps.

·         Bring more funding for the community

·         More community events

·         More safety for the community

·         Overall just to have a good relationship with you and your

Local representatives.

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This is helpful and talks about how you can take a positive step if you want a better change in your community.

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